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Business intelligence or BI describes a range of tools used to study the creation and management of strategic knowledge through analyse of existing data in the economic arena, with particular emphasis on the agents or components in the value chain. The term Business Intelligence refers to the use of key data on producers, companies, sector organisations or public institutions, to facilitate decision making as well as strategic planning in the medium and long term. It includes understanding of how the sector currently functions and an idea of the main components, with the aim of offering knowledge to support strategic decisions that aim to improve sector competitiveness and advance an efficient programme of production and sales in the medium term. The intelligence tools are based on the use of an information system set up with data linked to production, cultivated area, varieties, fruit quality, international sales, inventories, industrialisation, consumption, sales points, cities, countries, regions, market share, prices, brands and sales margins.

Through the ELT (extract, charge and transform) or ETL (extract, transform and charge) tools and techniques data from various source is managed, refined and prepared (homogenising data) to later load it on a data base (in the case of CIF with DELFOS).

The lifespan or period of success of business intelligence software depends only on the level of success for the producer, company or sector organisation using it. If the users are capable of increasing their economic gains, the business intelligence used will be there much longer, compared with that which is substituted by another which brings with it better and more accurate results.