centro de información frutihorticola


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To provide our clients with market information, which allows us to know where they are and where they are headed, in order to facilitate decisions on what to do and how to do it.

A competitive company in the private and public sector recognised, including at an international level, for its accuracy, precision and reliability of information.

A global source of strategic information which can be "traced back".

Management of strategic knowledge
Change and training in the sector
Transfer of technology
Systemic competitiveness

Aside from complying with the current rules and regulations, it means to act like leaders and voluntarily engage, with the highest standards of company conduct, as a general support service to the fruit and vegetable sector, both nationally and internationally.This means engaging with projects and establishing connections with organisations who can contribute services, actively and voluntarily to improve the fruit and vegetable sector socially, economically and environmentally, following these lines:

• Participating and encouraging a network of knowledge.
• Serving the community with useful products and information, which allow for money making in the most efficient and sustainable way
• Bringing about equal distribution of wealth generated throughout the value chain, based on information from the different links in the chain
• Respecting the environment, promoting organic production and positive health factors
• Adopting kaizen and ethical philosophies in the organisation